“Where did you begin and where are you now?”

This fitness thing is a long journey – life-long for a lot of us.  It’s something that makes us feel better, live longer and generally be more useful in the real world.  We all had to start this journey somewhere, and for this month we’d like you to think about where you started and then where you are now.  This can be a lot of different things depending on how we choose to reflect – it could be from a pure fitness perspective, a health perspective, a geographic change, a lifestyle, or even and entirely different life than when we began. 

For some of us, we started with an athletic background, found an interest and did some learning about the skills and principles involved.  Maybe then we decided to turn an indoor driving range into a gym with zero members when the doors opened.  After that we could have met the love of our lives, moved 3 times, got married, took over another gym, started a family and tried to build a positive community environment that ANYONE can walk into and be a part of.  Maybe….

Your story may not resemble that in the slightest – or maybe just pieces of it apply to you.  For all of us, we’ve made positive changes and become part of something that we can truly be proud of. 

Think about what you’ve accomplished already – even just walking through the doors of this community, whether that was 5 days or 5 years ago.  Think about the movements, skills and principles you’ve learned during your time with us.  Respect the learning curve and give yourself credit for what you’ve already accomplished, but continue to focus on the work still to be done.  Some of us may feel like we’ve got a pretty good handle on our gymnastics or our Olympic lifting – that probably means it’s time for a seminar or some PT to bring things up to a new level.  Maybe you’ve signed up for your first – or your 20th – competition this year - if not, there’s still lots of time to try something new and step out of that comfort zone.  We’re all here to support and encourage you no matter what you do.

Lastly, think about where you’d LIKE to go.  Again, this can be interpreted many different ways, and all of them are great if we put productive energy towards them.  Personally, professionally, athletically – we are all a little bit better, healthier and more compassionate version of ourselves with a little fitness in our lives. 

Until next time, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning.  See you at work.

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