In Body Composition Scanning

Are you guilty of stepping on the scale too much in the last year? What if we told you that number doesnít really mean much?

The scale doesnít give you a true indication of what your body is comprised of, and can paint a confusing picture about our fitness.

Our friends at CrossFit Newmarket Aurora Central have recently acquired an InBody 270 Scanner!

InBody is a high grade bio electrical impedance body composition scanner. It will give you a ton of useable information about not only your body fat % but also hydration, lean tissue and will give you tangible markers to track your progress over time.

The InBody is accurate within 2% so it is considered to be one of the most accurate tests for body composition in the world.

If youíre interested in having a body composition scan done to track your progress now and into the future, youíre invited to CFNAC to have your body composition tested. The information from an InBody scan is far more valuable than any number on the scale.

Full details regarding scans, costs, and booking your session can be found HERE.

Included in each assessment is:

  • A non-invasive 20 second test on the InBody machine.
  • An interpretation of the results with you on your personalized results printout.

If you have any questions about body composition scanning, donít hesitate to reach out!

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