CFB Intramurals Recap!

On November 18, we hosted our first CFB intramural event, and what a day it was!

The event featured five teams of seven athletes in scaled, intermediate and RX divisions – competing in three different workouts designed to test their fitness. The first workout was an individual “For Time” style gymnastics based workout, the second a strength test, and the final a test of teamwork and strategy!

With 35 participating athletes, 10 coaches and family and friends around, it was a great day of friendship, fitness, food, and fun. CFB athletes worked hard, achieved personal bests, and pushed themselves in new ways.

We had our oldest and youngest members in age, and some of our oldest and newest members in CrossFit experience participating! We consider ourselves blessed to be part of such a supportive fitness community.

Congratulations on all those who competed, and a shout out to Coach Russ and Coach Krysha’s team “Shut up we’re trying” for taking the win!

Special thanks to our friends from Freshii Green Lane for bringing energy balls and juices to refresh our athletes. We can’t wait for the new store to open on December 4.

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