Support Bradford families in need this Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, we have connected with Simcoe Muskoka Family Connextions to  sponsor two Bradford families in need of assistance this Christmas.

As a community, we’ve committed to make their holiday brighter by providing them with some essentials and some wish list items. If you have the means to contribute, we and the families appreciate it!

Unfortunately, we received relatively short notice regarding the families and all items are due to Family Connextions by December 15. We have created a google spreadsheet outlining all of the items requested for the individuals in both families. If you are able, we appreciate you putting your name beside an item or two and bringing it to the gym by December 14. There will be two hampers at the gym on Monday labelled with each family so you know where to put your items.

Our first family is a family of 5 living in Bradford with three children aged 14, 6, and 2. They are a low income household and very much in need of support to provide for their children this Christmas.

Our second family is a single mother with two children aged 15 and 6. They are currently living with a friend in Bradford, while looking for affordable housing.

All of the items requested can be found here.

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