October Coach’s Corner. Let the Coach, Coach.

When new athletes come into the gym, our community does an incredible job of welcoming and supporting them as they begin their fitness adventure with us.  This is part of what makes membership with CFB so special.

The support is something we always encourage, but over the last few months the coaches have noticed an increase in some members ‘coaching’ new athletes in class on movement standards. While the intentions here are no doubt good, this often results in misunderstandings and confusion for new members, not to mention the increased potential for injury.

Our coaches have a specific plan for how athletes should be working through movements, what the stimulus should be for the day, and what specific portions of a lift/skill we’re going to be working on.

Offering your own interpretation of how a movement should be done or what you think a new athlete is doing incorrectly often “muddies the waters” of what the coach is trying to accomplish that day and may confuse your fellow member and slow their progress.

Our coaches are the experts in the movement, extremely experienced, and have a great eye for every athlete in class – so enjoy your workout, and leave the coaching to our pros.

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