CrossFit Bradford News – March 2016

Tuesday March 15 – Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Kevin Jardine

Dr. Jardine will be providing an introductory lecture on performance nutrition in which he will cover such topics as reducing inflammation, energy balancing, enhancing recovery, how to get lean and stay strong, preventing and overcoming injuries and how to maximize the anabolic window. Come join us for this informative lecture that will be sure to give you the ability to maximize your performance while protecting your health.

Thursday March 24 – 16.5 LIVE at Don Cherry’s

At 7:30pm we have booked the private room at Don Cherry’s Restaurant on Dissette to eat, have a couple of drinks and watch The Open work out 16.5 together live!

Sunday March 27 – 16.5 Open Party

Come out and do the work out with us and stay to celebrate the end of the 2016 CrossFit Open!

New T-shirts are now available! Men’s and Women’s Sizes available. $20 each.

Upcoming April events:

Goal Setting Seminar with Lululemon

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