Power Hour Strength Series: Bench Press

If you were to walk into a commercial gym and start having a conversation about strength with the average gym ‘bro’, “How much do you bench?” will almost undoubtedly be a question that quickly gets asked. Before CrossFit, bench press was the determiner of absolute strength.

Although a strong bench press is only just a small facet of an athlete’s overall strength, there is no doubting it’s importance with the ability to overload the chest, shoulders and triceps.

You don’t have to be a globo-gym member who trains chest 4 days per week to realize the benefits of the bench press. There are many pros to strengthening your bench press (aside from building a barrel chest and dancing pecs) that CrossFit athletes can benefit from.

CrossFit is great at using a variety of movements to build a strong body overall, but the majority of our movements lack horizontal pressing. Aside from pushups, and ring dips, there aren’t any exercises that commonly pop up in WOD’s that test an athlete’s chest strength and endurance. As a result, a lot of CrossFit athletes have underdeveloped pec muscles compared to the rest of their body.

Building a strong bench press involves a lot more than just strong pecs. An individual with a truly good bench press will use their shoulders, triceps, biceps, lats, rhomboids, core muscles, and quads to drive the bar up.

We’re excited to bring you the Power Hour Strength Series– a private, small group program focused on functional bodybuilding designed to get you strong.

Join us for the first program in the series focused on the bench press.

The bench program goal is to strengthen all your upper body muscles. This will not only to help your bench press numbers, but will build overall size and strength to the upper body that will translate into better thrusters, wall balls, pushups, pullups, and presses.

Join Coach Tyler – our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – for this 12-session strength program, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:15pm July 17 – August 23.

There are 8 athlete spaces available.

Program cost: $155+ HST

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