There is no question that you work hard in the gym. But are your choices in the kitchen holding you back?

Here at CrossFit Bradford, our nutrition philosophy is based on eating whole foods in the right quantities to fuel your body. The right balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat in the diet is a real difference maker for body composition and overall performance in the gym. 

With summer around the corner, we want to help you kick start your healthy eating habits with a 6-week nutrition challenge. 

This challenge is NOT about being perfect for 6 weeks. It’s about working hard to develop new habits that you can sustain once the challenge is over, and the best part is we will do this with the support of the community!

There is SO MUCH information when it comes to nutrition. You can google anything and find conflicting advice on any given topic. We’re going to combine the fundamentals that make all nutrition programs successful, and our goal is to keep it simple.

For most of us cutting out some of the junk can go a long way. We know what we “should do”, we just don’t do it. We worry so much about what to eat, how much, how often, that we get bogged down and overwhelmed and never start at all.

We've got some great prizes for the challenge winners, including free memberships, personal training sessions, and Lululemon gift cards! We'll give you the tools you need to succeed, and kick it all off with a nutrition seminar on Tuesday, April 23rd at 7pm.

The cost to participate is $40+HST.

Register by April 22!

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