Are you guilty of putting too much focus on the number on the scale?

In isolation, itís a poor measure of progress, and means almost nothing. That "number" represents fat, muscle, bone, organs, and water.

We are excited to let you know about our newly acquired InBody 270 Scanner! We can now tell you exactly what youíre made of with over 98% accuracy!

InBody is a high grade bio electrical impedance body composition scanner, considered to be one of the most accurate body composition scanners in the world. It will give you a ton of useable information about not only body fat percentage, but hydration, lean tissue and creates markers for tracking your results over time.

We want everyone to take advantage of this amazing machine and set up a baseline for themselves. Progress is always happening Ė and you may not see it by using only your regular scale.

The InBody assessment is a non-invasive 20 second test, and we will interpret the results with you on your personalized results printout.

This is vital to your success.

Single scan:

CFB member - $45+HST

Non-member - $55+ HST

Yearly progress package (4 scans) - $150+HST

Sign up for single scans HERE.

Register for yearly progress package HERE.

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