Member of the Month is Eleisha E!

Eleisha joined CFB in early 2017 and has become a big part of our community in her time with us. She shows up with a smile on her face ready to work hard, gives her best effort in every workout, and is one of the first people to introduce herself to new members in the gym to ensure they feel welcome.

Not only is she an amazing example of what can be accomplished by working hard in the gym, she's a huge supporter of the CrossFit community - volunteering as a judge for many local CrossFit competitions. Thanks for being so awesome, Eleisha!

We asked Eleisha a few questions about her CFB experience, and here's what she has to say!

Why did you join CrossFit?

“I joined CFB because I wanted better for myself. I was at the point in my life where just doing the same old, same old wasn't cutting it. I knew I deserved more out of my body; I knew it was capable of so much more.”

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

“My biggest accomplishment while at CFB would be completing workouts in their entirety, regardless of how badly I've wanted to give up. It's as though I need to finish because I am now addicted to saying to myself that "hey, you just did that!"”

What are you working on now?

“Right now I am working on consistency! I know it sounds boring...but it's essential to my progress. I am trying to be methodical in how I approach WOD's. I'm aiming to be consistent with: my attendance (which can be a challenge), in the effort I put forth and in positive self talk.”

What’s your favourite CrossFit Bradford memory?

“My most favorite memory thus far (because I know there will be more!) would be hitting a 240 pound deadlift. It was the greatest feeling. I mean, 240 pounds is more than my body weight and lifting that successfully was extremely empowering. But what I remember most from that achievement was knowing I had a bunch of my peers rooting for me! I will never ever forget that moment. Nor will I forget how it made me feel.”

What motivates you to continue training at CrossFit Bradford?

“I swear you guys put something in the water! hahaha....kidding! It's the rush I feel when I'm trying to catch my breath at the end of a workout. The coaches have taught me how to move and have pushed me to do things with my body I didn't think we're possible. How do you not keep coming back when you know you're being taught by people who want you to do better than you think you can.”

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