Summer tends to be a difficult time for keeping your nutrition in check.

After the success of our 6 Week Nutrition challenge and acquiring our InBody scanner, we are excited to launch new nutrition offerings!

Our nutrition programs are based on two principles – the plate method, and/or counting macros.

We track macros to ensure that you have the proper ratio of fats, carbs and protein to maintain energy and muscle, while changing your body for the better. It does involve weighing and tracking your food, which isn’t for everyone BUT, you can’t avoid cake and donuts forever, and this method helps us to understand how to find balance.

The plate method is based on portion sizing and choosing the right foods for your body. There is a little more restriction in terms of what should and “should not” not consumed while following this method, but it does not involve weighing and measuring.

All of these packages can be tailored based on your preference in approach.

Our Packages:

Power Hour Consult

  • 60 min 1:1 consult with our nutrition coach- Bring your questions!
  • 1 InBody Biometric scan
  • Review various nutrition plans


90 day Nutrition Program

  • 60 min 1:1 consult with our nutrition coach
  • Before and after InBody Biometric scan
  • Custom macro numbers with 1 change as needed OR plate method guidelines
  • Printed information and tools to succeed
  • Recipes

$269 +HST

Monthly 1:1 coaching

  • Initial 60 min 1:1 consult with our nutrition coach
  • Initial InBody Biometric scan
  • Custom macro numbers OR plate method guildeines with weekly online check in
  • Food tracking and review
  • Unlimited e-mail access to your nutrition coach
  • Digital information and all tools to succeed


3 month minimum for monthly coaching. First month $149, subsequent months $99.

To sign up for your nutrition coaching please follow the link below:

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