Goal Setting: Build Momentum and Take Action

I want to lose weight…

I want to be healthy…

I want to be great at gymnastics…

I want to snatch 200lbs…

I want to go to the CrossFit Games…

These are all goals.

People often ask us what it takes to get to a high level. They ask what it is that we do differently with a “high level athlete,” as opposed to the person asking the question.

The truth is – we don’t do anything different with high level athletes vs. the general population. We serve as coaches to both groups of people. We are friends, confidants, teachers, leaders, advisors, mentors, motivators, counselors etc. etc. etc.

As for the first part – what it takes to get to a high level… it’s simple. The people who get to a high level set very SMART goals. Specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time bound goals. Once they figure out what those are, they consistently put their head in order to achieve them.

Set goals. Work towards them.

Every. Single. Day.

The words at the top of this post are goals, but they serve more as a starting point than a destination. They need to be better defined for us to really understand what it’s going to take to get there.

The thing about goals is they need to have six components to really be effective.

S – specific (ex: if you want to “be healthy”, what does that mean?)

M – measurable (ex: how much weight do you want to lose?)

A – attainable (ex: saying you want to be a competitive cyclist when you can’t ride a bike probably needs some reassessment)

R – relevant (ex: if you’re training to run a marathon, there’s no use practicing kicking a soccer ball)

T – time bound (ex: WHEN will you achieve this goal? Not “in a few months”…what day specifically?)

Once we figure out this part, THEN the hard part comes. We need to take action toward achieving those goals.

You’re probably thinking “you said there were six components and you only wrote about 5…”

Yes. The sixth component of a goal is emotional attachment. The goal must be something that stirs passion from deep within to keep you going when the going gets tough. The emotional attachments makes sure you have “skin in the game”, that it is something worth fighting for, something that is for YOU.

The reality is everyone – even CrossFit Games athletes and World Champions come across “life” that threatens to derail them. What do we mean by life?

Sick Kids

Birthday Parties

Eating out

Financial difficulties

Gym being closed

Moving homes

A long commute

Long days at the office

Being tired


Not getting enough sleep

Feeling lazy

Feeling defeated

Lacking confidence

Scared of the workout

Lack of time

Sound familiar?

All that stuff is life.

And that stuff is a part of everyone’s life.

The people who are the most successful in the world, who achieve their goals, who capture their dreams, are no different than you or I. They just don’t let any of that stuff, “life”, get in the way of them getting what they want. They know it is just part of the journey…and they’re prepared to deal with those things when they do pop up. They have a plan!

Do you?

Don’t stress – your goals don’t need to be lofty performance ones, or weight loss ones, or muscle gain ones…those are all great and cool and fun…but only if they are relevant to YOU; that’s what matters!

We are going to lead by example and show you how it’s done.

First, we establish our SMART goal: To meet with each and every member we have for a 30-minute goal setting session by the end of June.

Next, how will we achieve it? We’ve put a link to our schedule so that each of you can book your private appointment with us for a time that is convenient for you. 

Lastly, how do we know when we’ve achieved it? Simple: we’ve put a checkmark next to every member’s name.

But wait a minute, what about the emotional part…what’s in this for us? Well that’s easy – we get to help each of you set out on a path to achieve your goals.

Finally, the follow-up: Accountability is a huge thing. When more people, other than just you, know that you’re gunning for something special, a funny thing will happen: they’ll rally in your corner and keep you going.

In addition to the check-ins when we see you in class, or out and about, we promise you this: every three months, you’ll be hearing from us to come and sit down again to see how you’re getting along. We’ll evaluate how your plan is coming together, tweak anything that needs it, and keep you moving forward.

So…what does all this cost? Only our most valuable asset: time.

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