Anyone can do CrossFit, but it’s not for everyone.

Not everyone wants to lift heavy, use barbells, and track their progress in the sport. Some people just want to sweat, have fun, and feel happy and confident.

We know how to get you there!

If you can relate to any of the following, our new BPM program is for YOU:

I want to be healthier

I want to tone up or lose weight

I want to have fun working out

I want to live longer and be active later in life

I want to have a coach guiding me through the movements and encouraging me along the way

I want to be in a supportive group

I want to train for an obstacle course race.

There’s no pressure of performance -  just show up and do what you can with a nice group of people.

The workouts will be different every day and there are modifications as needed. Even though there’s no snatches or clean and jerks, it will include a lot of fun exercises such as battle-ropes, sledgehammers, and sled pulls. The focus is looking good, feeling good, and having fun while doing it.

We’re hosting a FREE BPM trial class on July 20th – to reserve your spot email - we hope you will join us.

We look forward to being part of a stronger and healthier you!!

Learn more about our BPM program at

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