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Laura and I recently visited another CrossFit gym in Chicago and had one of the worst gym experiences of my life.  Nobody was friendly, we got dirty looks, not a single person said hello or introduced themselves and we later found out that ALL the people training in there during that time were coaches at that facility.

That made me really appreciate our community and our coaches even more than we do on a regular basis.  We’re lucky to have the kind of people and culture in our facility that welcomes new people and creates a supportive, inclusive, and motivating environment. 

It also left me looking internally for ways to make people feel more welcome and more supported.  I challenge all of you to do the same – ask yourself what kind of impression you give to others when you’re in the gym.  Is it competitive or encouraging?  Are you negative or opportunistic?  Can you make a new member feel welcome and included or do you make them feel like they aren’t part of your “clique”? 

We have more new members coming through our doors every day and we’re extremely fortunate to be involved in helping so many people each and every week.  The coaches and staff at our facility do a wonderful job of making people feel included and supported – do you? 

This doesn’t just apply to new members, it’s just as important for the people you’ve seen at 7:00pm for the last 18 months.  Do you greet them with a smile and get excited about improving individually, or do you immediately question their weights/rep schemes or what their plan is to tackle the met-con?  Give it some thought and see if the next time you come in, you can focus on YOUR workout and be happy for everyone else for doing the same thing. 

Until next time, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning. 

See you at work.

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