CrossFit Bradford x BODZii Lifestyle Challenge

Summer is a tough season for nutrition, so we’ve partnered up with BODZii to bring you a Lifestyle Challenge to help keep your nutrition on track!

Our main goal is simple – to introduce you to an individualized nutrition program that will support and promote active and healthy lifestyles. We truly believe that nutrition plays a critical role in your fitness, and proper nutrition can help amplify your training and overall lifestyle.

Whether you’re starting out on your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey or you’re a seasoned vet, this challenge will provide something for everyone.

We pride ourselves on teaching the basics really, really well. As athletes, new or experienced, you know how important it is to lay a good foundation for a lifetime of success.

The Lifestyle Challenge is 4 weeks long.

Can you expect to see after four weeks?

Yes, if you follow our challenge guidelines and are committed to your self-progress, you can absolutely lean out and/or build lean muscle mass within the four weeks. Additionally, you can:

-Learn how to create balanced, high quality meals

-Learn about optimal sources of the three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat)

-Build an awareness of what YOUR body needs for your specific goals

-Learn about the importance and effects of good sleep habits and stress maintenance

-Learn how to change your lifestyle habits based on your changing goals

-Learn how to track your food through My Fitness Pal

-Learn how to measure, weigh and portion out meals

-Learn how to eat optimally for performance enhancement/fat loss/muscle gain

-Stay on track by working closely with others to hold you accountable

Here’s how the challenge works

  1. Sign up!

Registration is $100 and will be open for three weeks

2. Attend the Seminar Thursday, June 14 at 6:45pm at CFB.

Dietitian, Emilie and BODZii Head Coach, Robyn will be hosting a seminar to kick-off the Lifestyle Challenge! They will be covering all things nutrition and lifestyle including the basics (am I eating the right things?), expectations, tips & tricks to tracking food and ultimately how to find the most success during the challenge.

Attendance is STRONGLY recommended.

3. Prep-Week!

Runs for 1 week before the challenge start date. We have included a prep week to ensure each member starts this challenge off on the right foot. 7 days to clear out your kitchen, go grocery shopping, and making sure you know how to set yourself up for the most success come kick-off day.

  1. Kick-Off Day!

The official start date of the challenge – June 25! The 4-weeks begins here – good luck!

  1. Check-in!

Complete quick and easy daily check-ins through the myBODZii platform every morning. Visit the leaderboard to check out your competition throughout the four weeks.

Included in the challenge will be an InBody Scan. This system is a body composition analysis machine that will give you all the information about what you’re made of. This 30 second test will provide you information on your Muscle – Fat ratio including lean body mass, body fat mass, visceral fat areas etc. It will also give you your basal metabolic rate and obesity analysis along with much more information. This scan will be done once at the beginning of the challenge and once at the end of the challenge for you to see your progress laid out for you!

If you’re wondering what the Lifestyle Challenge can do for you, take a look at the before and after photos that are posted on the testimonial page at The results speak for themselves! This challenge is a commitment to yourself. You will learn not only how to dial in your nutrition, but you will have a network of others doing the exact same thing, motivating you every step of the way.

We are so excited to get into this year’s lifestyle challenge, and hope you are too!!

If you have any questions email

Before signing up, it’s important to know what the initial questionnaire questions are asking in order to get you to your optimal macronutrient profile.

When selecting your activity level, think about your level of intensity. Are you working out at a HIGH intensity level for those number of days you’ve suggested? If you’re at the gym 5 times a

week but two of those days are lower intensity, select 3-4x / week.

When selecting your work style, select active ONLY if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet for more than 10-12 hours at a time and mostly walking around. Jobs like construction workers, landscapers, any job that require heavy lifting, carrying or moving, coaches, trainers, nurses etc. Otherwise, select sedentary (even if you might not be all the time)

When selecting your goal, click maintenance if you’re happy with your weight but would like some body recomposition (little less fat, little more muscle). Gain if you have a hard time gaining muscle and are ok with your current leanness, and Loss if you’re ready to be in a caloric deficit and want to lean out.

Next steps:

  1. Sign up and get your own personals set of Macronutrients
  2. Complete your purchase through the myBODZii online platform
  3. Visit the Library on myBODZii and read our Lifestyle Challenge Guide to familiarize yourself with the challenge and important dates!
  4. Here you will join the Facebook group and schedule your InBody scan.

Sign up HERE:

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