What is a BPM work out? 

Building strength, endurance and agility to get through daily tasks. 

BPM workouts vary every day. 

They include an intense mix of aerobic, strength, and speed elements within each session.  One session may work calisthenics while another session may work military style drills. 

When coming in to class you can expect a mixture of movements such as push-ups, rings rows, lunges, ab exercise, dumb bell exercises etc. As well as workouts that involve drills such as running sprints. 

Our BPM workout is essentially a type of interval training - bursts of intense exercises alternating with intervals of lighter exercise.  

Our BPM program is for everyone, as all movements have the ability to be scaled for each individual athlete and their needs. If you have any health issues or injuries be sure to let the coach know so they can work with you to find movements that will keep you moving for the duration of the class. 

Still wondering what it’s all about? 

Bring a friend and come on out and give a class a try. 

I promise you will leave the gym sweaty and feeling good!!!! 

Coach Crystal 

“The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?”

-Greg Plitt 

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