Why “Rx” Doesn’t Matter.

It feels awesome to be able to say you did a workout as prescribed – we get it. But, what if we told you there are times where doing a workout RX may hinder your progress in the gym?

Scaling isn’t designed to make a WOD easier – it’s designed to help you improve.

Above all, your form must be the priority. If you chose to do a movement or weight that you can’t control, you will be teaching your body poor movement patterns that you will have to un-learn. Breaking bad habits is always harder than learning new ones correctly. Give yourself the time to learn all the pieces of each movement and build the strength required to stay safe before you “try it”.

For example, if the weight is too heavy, you may find yourself capable of completing the workout – but in a time frame that doesn’t coincide with the intended stimulus.  Let’s say a MetCon is meant to be an all-out sprint for 3-5 mins. If you choose the RX weight, but it has you moving slowly, that workout may take you 8-10 minutes and you will have missed the appropriate metabolic stimulus and ultimately the goal of the workout. Our coaches are all talented people who work very hard to provide each of you with appropriate scaling options to keep you in the right metabolic/energy pathways and maintain the desired output for each workout.  Trust them, and allow yourself to get the right kind of workout each day.

In the grand scheme of things, those 2 little letters don’t mean a thing except that you’ve done the workout as it was written on our board.  You don’t get a prize, or an extra high-five or a better parking spot, or a special shirt – focus on your form, talk with a coach about appropriate scaling options, forget about what the athlete next to you is doing and do YOUR workout.  Push your limits so at the end of the hour, regardless of weight used or movement performed, you know that you gave it all you had, and truly got the most of your time with us!

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