There is no question that you work hard in the gym. But are your choices in the kitchen holding you back?

Here at CrossFit Bradford, our nutrition philosophy is based on eating whole foods in the right quantities to fuel your body.

With 2020 upon us, we want to help you kick start your healthy eating habits with a 30 Day New Year Nutrition Reset.

This challenge is NOT about being perfect for 30 days. It’s about working hard to develop new habits that you can sustain once the challenge is over, and the best part is we will do this with the support of the community!

There is SO MUCH information when it comes to nutrition. You can google anything and find conflicting advice on any given topic. We’re going to combine the fundamentals that make all nutrition programs successful, and our goal is to keep it simple.

The New Year Nutrition Rest is based on the plate method, but we’re taking it up a notch with a more individualized approach and recommendation based on the foods you like to eat, and YOUR specific goals. We’ll also be focusing on building positive habits around sleep, exercise, mobility, and hydration!

 Here’s what’s included…

-    Nutrition seminar on February 3 at 7pm

-       Baseline workout – to be completed before and after

-       2 InBody 270 composition scans – baseline and post

-       A customized, individual nutrition, and “how to” guide

-       Individual sheet to keep you on track

-       Daily access to your CFB nutrition coaches

-       A private Facebook accountability group

-       Recipes

-       Grocery Lists

-       Tips and tricks

We've got some great prizes for the challenge winners, including free memberships, and custom Nike Metcons!

The cost to participate is $99+HST

Your coach will help you with direction, accountability, and the support you need to be successful. Life doesn't stop and neither will we! With the support of the group, and our CFB nutrition coaches you will tackle whatever life throws your way to ensure you stay on track throughout the 30 days and beyond!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email

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