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  • "I was skeptical about CrossFit in general but I have found a home at CrossFit bradford. The owners Laura and Dan are amazingly friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. Small class setting is ideal for learning and the coaching staff are very attentive and helpful. Highly recommend it here."


  • "CrossFit Bradford is a great place to get in shape and be healthy. I've been to other gyms & classes before and nothing compares to this. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, the members are all supportive and encouraging, and the workouts are challenging but attainable. Best workout I've ever had!"

    Valentina B

  • "The community is what sets this box apart from any gym I have ever been in. The owners are super passionate about the gym and have a clear vision of the atmosphere they are trying to create. The coaches are knowledgeable, supportive, and ensure that you are moving safely through all movements. The members are the most positive support system you could ever hope for as they have gotten me through numerous workouts. This is truly a great place to rediscover your true athletic potential and get/stay healthy for life."

    Jennifer W

  • " I joined CrossFit Bradford in November 2017, and as other members will say, it has changed my life. A little about myself, when I graduated from University I unfortunately failed an exam that I needed to continue my career path. I was in a rut, studying all day and feeling run down. Being stuck at a standstill I decided that I needed to get back into being active and started looking at gym options. That is when I found CrossFit Bradford! It takes courage to make the first step to contact the gym, but I promise you will not regret it. Walking in for my No Sweat Session I was anxious not knowing what to expect with thoughts of self-doubt. But after being welcomed by Dan, talking with him I knew that this was the place for me and signed up! At first, I was nervous, then quickly found out it is not a competition of who is the fastest or who can lift the heaviest, it is about how much you can push yourself to progress. In the beginning, you worry that you are going to hurt yourself and the movements are too complex, but that is the amazing coaches come in. The coaches at the gym get to know you and will be able to encourage and guide you to succeed in the goals you want to achieve. At first, I felt as if I was only making baby steps in progress of my strength, but then I realized that something much greater changed; my mindset. I was happier than I had been in a long time and it was because of the amazing coaching team and the other members. You make friends with so many different people, and the support everyone gives one another is incredible. When I started I only attended two days a week now I average five because of the community. I found myself going outside of my comfort zone because of the amazing support. I competed in a CrossFit competition six months into joining the gym, which I thought I would never do. CrossFit Bradford cares for their community, you truly feel that they are always aiming to make it a greater place be. From new equipment, in-house competitions, bring a friend, goal setting sessions, etc., CrossFit Bradford strives to create an incredible environment for their community. I have developed so much as a person from being a part of the CrossFit Bradford family, I am happier, healthier, and more determined to take on my goals for the future, inside and outside of the gym. I now cannot wait to see myself develop in the years to come from being a part of CrossFit Bradford. I hope you take a chance like I and many others have done and join CrossFit Bradford. You will join thinking you are just going to workout, but I promise you will gain so much more and feel so welcomed by the amazing community of CrossFit Bradford."

    Andie H

  • ""As an Athlete in a past life who had suffered a fairly significant ankle injury; I was pretty scared to walk into CrossFit Bradford. My body didnít work like it used to, I hate traditional gyms, and I needed something to push myself mentally and not risk further damage to my foot. I spoke personally with the owners Laura and Dan and they encouraged me to sign up for introductory classes. I have been a member for a year now. In the past year, CrossFit Bradford has not only provided safe, thoughtful and accessible workouts for every level of ability; they have also provided free nutritional workshops, private training, and nutrition coaching, goal setting 1 on 1 sessions and community events. Try getting that at a traditional gym! As a result; my body is STRONG again, I have lost 50lbs and regularly put up personal records, something that I never thought would be possible. More importantly; I have a team to share in my successes every day! Great things happen within the walls of this community. I will be a member at this gym for a very long time.""

    Jim W

  • "Chronic fatigue. Anemia. Hormonal Imbalance. Anxiety. Balancing work and family. Constant worrying. Life Ė it happens. In joining Crossfit Bradford, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Every single day I am grateful that I had the courage to begin. Every single day I am grateful for Crossfit Bradford. Crossfit (Bradford) has changed my life. Not only am I stronger physically, I'm stronger mentally. Being part of Crossfit Bradford has made me believe that I am enough. Being part of a community that cheers you on and pushes you to your limit is everything! Being part of Crossfit Bradford has changed what my daughter sees. In her eyes, I am strong. She sees her mother show up day in and day out, giving all that she has. She sees strength and effort. For this, I am forever grateful. Crossfit is something to everyone, but to me, Crossfit and the Crossfit Bradford community is what changed my life. It has not only changed my life by transforming my body to the strongest Iíve ever been, but more importantly, it has changed my perception of who I am and who I can be. So thank you, Crossfit Bradford. Thank you for believing in everyone that walks through your gym doors so much that we begin to believe in ourselves. Thank you for being part of my Crossfit journey. "

    Vera D

  • "Just over a year ago I set out to find a new fitness program that was outside of my ordinary exercise regimen. I stumbled across CrossFit Bradford. CrossFit Bradford is more than just your community CrossFit gym it has become an institution for all levels of fitness as well as embodies a sense of family and community. Laura & Dan the owner / operators made me feel welcome from day 1 in a new and what seemed like an intimidating new fitness venture! The comraderie amongst all the members / trainers and owners is like no other gym that I have been a part of. It is a very encouraging and supportive network no matter what fitness level you are at. The level of care and coaching to help you reach your fitness goals is second to none and it shows through the immense results and transformations amongst the members including myself! Thanks for being a part of the community and making me feel welcome to The CrossFit Bradford family!! "

    Steve F

  • "Crossfit... That can be a scary word. We've all had misconceptions of what that might mean. Some people think it will be "too hardcore" for their level of fitness. Some people think that "It's only for the die-hard fitness buff." But let me assure you it is for everyone? CrossFit Bradford is unlike anything I have ever experienced in any fitness environment. In the past, I have belonged to other gyms, but I wouldn't have a clue where to start. So I spend most of the time walking around the track. At CrossFit Bradford, the structured workouts are all planned for you, and are modified to your level of fitness. From day 1, I felt part of a wonderful, supportive, and extremely positive 'team like' atmosphere. I manage my daily stress better, and feel better too. My body is changing; stronger, and so is my outlook on life. The high intensity, short duration WOD's are challenging and rewarding, with no repetitive daily routines. But it's the CrossFit Bradford community of amazing people and coaches that make this place so special. From the workout challenges to the occasional CrossFit Bradford outings, there's always something new and exciting to participate in, and push yourself past any limits you have. So if you are reading this, don't waste another minute of your life. I wish I could show you , before and after, because you wouldn't hesitate to start your own journey. I can tell you it will be difficult at times, but with the support of CrossFit Bradford you will be motivated, challenged and successful. CrossFit Bradford is not only helping me transform my life, they can help you change yours. So stop making excuses, and get in here! :)"

    Holly P

  • "I am so happy to have found CrossFit Bradford! After becoming a mother, I needed something to help motivate me to work out more consistently. I had heard about Crossfit, but always thought it was too advanced for my skill level. I'm so glad I contacted Dan and Laura to find out more about it. Not only did they make me feel comfortable right away, but I learned from them that the beauty of CrossFit is you can have al different skill levels in one class and there are enough modifications so that it is challenging for each level.! What makes CrossFit Bradford unique is the team atmosphere - there is a real sense of accountability because when you're not there, they notice, so it has definitely kept me on track! And the best part - I've seen huge changes in my body (and my mind) in a short amount of time, without realizing how hard I've worked because its so much fun!"

    Vanessa C

  • "Iíve never been a gym guy, but thatís not to say I havenít tried. Iíve signed up with traditional gyms multiple times with the intention of going consistently. Iíd get home from work and find an excuse as to why that day wasnít good or go and find myself not knowing what I should be doing. I found the environment intimidating and never had fun going which has always lead to me not going and wasting another useless membership. Iíve had some experience with personal training at the gym and I did feel like it was very helpful but it was expensive. The coaching at CrossFit Bradford is amazing. Our coaches are very knowledgeable and have a keen eye for technique to keep the workouts safe. They are also amazing at pushing me to shatter my goals and Iím seeing amazing results because of them. The final thing that makes CrossFit Bradford so unique for is the community. Iíve never had so much support and encouragement at a gym. Everyone is on their own journey which puts them at different stages but the groups rally around each other to help get you through those tough days. If youíre like me and have had a tough time in the past with regular gyms I couldnít recommend CrossFit Bradford more. These guys are the best!"

    Ryan C

  • "I couldn't be happier with my experiences at CrossFit Bradford. The owners, coaches and members are both inspirational and motivating. At 53 years of age with many past injuries, I was reluctant to join with all the hype about CrossFit related injuries etc... I am pleased to find that injury prevention is one of their highest priorities. I recommend CrossFit to anyone looking to get in shape and I hightly recommend CrossFit Bradford!"

    Derek L

  • "CrossFit Bradford isn't simply a gym. It is a community of athletes from all walks of life who push their bodies and minds to new levels. The staff and members of CrossFit Bradford are phenomenal and motivate us to work harder each and every day. We are getting stronger with each class and can do things we weren't able to do months ago. We love the facility, staff and community. Thanks for being our partners in fitness."

    Chi and Roshni B

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